Xtiva Partners With Harbourfront Wealth Management

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Harbourfront Wealth Management Danny Popescu as an independent wealth management firm. The Company provides solutions that include back-tested portfolio construction, trusts and estate preservation, risk management, pension-style asset management, and tax and trust services. Harbourfront Wealth Management serves clients across Canada. The Company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Founder Danny Popescu has built a unique business model that brings the benefits of pension-style private investment securities to Canadian retail investors. This innovative approach to the market has helped propel Harbourfront to the top of the Canadian wealth management industry.

Tailored Financial Planning: How Harbourfront Wealth Management Adapts to Your Goals

Recently, the company received a nine-figure equity injection from Audax Private Equity. This transaction will enable the company to expand its growth initiatives and accelerate the recruitment of new advisors to its platform.

Harbourfront is also working to make the incredibly valuable advisor-client relationship more practical and accessible for Canadian retail investors. It is doing this by leveraging technology to automate the execution and monitoring of client wealth plans. This will allow advisors to spend more time with their clients and less on administrative tasks.

The company has a growing division of recruiting professionals that supports the firm’s advisory teams and nearly 300 employees in 28 offices across Canada. The team will leverage best in class recruiting processes and mentorship as the company continues to recruit advisors to its platform.

Xtiva is proud to be partnered with Harbourfront and their commitment to the advisor-client relationship. We look forward to helping the firm continue to demonstrate value and enrich the essential connection between advisor and investor in order to help more Canadians achieve financial independence.

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