Laptop Repair Tips – How to Fix Common Laptop Problems

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When a laptop starts to run slow or crash, there are often some simple things you can try to fix the problem. Most importantly, backup any important files to an external drive or online storage so that you don’t lose them if part of the repair process wipes them away. This is especially important if you rely on any software solutions for productivity or even basic tasks like word processing and spreadsheets. Learn more

Make sure that your computer is fully powered on (meaning the fan is running and all LEDS are lighting up). If the laptop shows no image or a black screen this is almost always a sign of a hardware failure. It could be as simple as a failing battery or as complicated as a faulty motherboard. Often you will see an error message on the screen that indicates what type of hardware failure it is. If you get a blue screen with an error code it is best to take the laptop to a professional for inspection and repair.

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Overheating is another common laptop problem that can be very easy to fix. First, make sure the laptop is on a flat surface and that there is not any dirt or dust blocking the ventilation holes. It is also a good idea to clean the vents and fans on a regular basis. Finally, try to keep the desktop clear of dozens of files and folders that can bog down a laptop by using up memory.

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