Industrial Adjustable Height Platform

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The industrial adjustable height platform is a great tool for indoor applications that allow staff to work at a comfortable height. They can be used to bridge over pipes and cords, or for workers who need a boost in height to complete tasks. They can be built to fit specific needs in terms of deck size and height, load capacities, and other specifications. These platforms can also be used for moving heavy objects or as temporary stairs in warehouses and factories.

Adjustable Height One-Step Work Platform

Unlike ladders, these portable work platforms can provide extra space to stand on and are safer to use. They’re easier on the feet than ladder rungs, and they have non-marring bumpers that protect surfaces. Depending on the model, they can even accommodate a tool tray for easy storage. They can be loaded with up to 500 pounds and are available in various lengths, so they’re a versatile solution for a variety of situations.

It can be easily shifted to the desired position with the removal of a locking pin. Gas springs assist users in raising the platform, while gentle downward pressure lowers it. A removable lock prevents the unit from accidentally lowering to a dangerous position. The top of the work platform is made of heavy-duty serrated grating that’s designed to provide slip resistance, and it can be placed side by side or end to end for larger standing areas.

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