How to Prevent Bot Form Spam

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prevent bot form spam

Prevent bot form spam is one of the most frustrating types of online attacks. These are automated programs that collect email addresses and other information from online forms, chat rooms and websites in order to build spam lists. These bots often generate a lot of noise, making it difficult for users to navigate and even more frustrating for businesses.

There are several ways to prevent bot form spam, but they all have to be implemented in a way that doesn’t make it too difficult for regular website visitors. These techniques are simple to implement and can significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of bot form spam your site is receiving.

The Power of Form Bot Detection: Best Practices for Protecting Your Business from Malicious Automation and Fraud

A honeypot is an invisible form field that bots can see but which human users won’t submit. This is an extremely effective tool that should be a part of your anti-spam strategy.

Ask Custom Questions

Adding questions into your web form that only humans can answer is another technique you can use to stop spam bots. These questions can be anything from a text question to a math problem, but should require a natural person to correctly input the answer.

Double opt-in process

Using a double opt-in signup method is a great way to stop bots from signing up to your list without compromising the integrity of your mailing list. This means that when a user signs up to your list, they must click a link in an email you send them that confirms their subscription.

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