How to Check Email Domains

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Email Domains

In order to make sure that your check email domains campaigns deliver results, it’s important to check that the email addresses on your list are valid. This will help to increase your sender reputation and reduce bounce rates.

Several tools can perform these checks and save you time and money. They can also help you improve your email deliverability and prevent spam complaints.

Format Check: This check ensures that the email address is formatted correctly by verifying that it follows IETF specifications, such as the local part, the at sign, and the domain name. This is important because most email service providers, anti-spam groups, and other organizations use this standard to identify real-looking but invalid addresses.

How to Verify Email Domains to Avoid Scams and Spam

MX Record Verification: This check confirms that the email address is authentic by looking at its MX record, which is a resource record in the DNS (Domain Name System). It also verifies that the email domain is active and responding by sending ping requests to the mail server.

IP Lookup: This is another way to check the validity of an email address by performing an online IP lookup. It can be done for free and will reveal the ISP and organization associated with the email address.

Capabilities and Compatibilities: This is a good way to find out what an email domain provider can offer you, including the capacity it offers for storage of emails. This can be a huge determining factor when choosing an email domain provider.

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