Gym Clothing Brands

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gym clothing brands

If you’re hitting the gym to look and feel your best, having the right gear is essential. The right clothes can help you to perform at your best, be it increased durability for the sheer number of squats you’re doing or improved breathability to keep you cool during high intensity workouts.

A cult Scandi gym clothing brands , Cos offers minimal apparel with a purpose. From seamless leggings to racerback tanks, its collection of stylish yet functional gym wear is the perfect addition to your activewear wardrobe. With an emphasis on sustainability, the brand uses organic and recycled materials in its range of garments.

The ultimate in performance, US gym clothing brands like Under Armour are designed to keep athletes cool and dry during a game or practice. Using game-changing fabrics, the company’s sportswear collections include everything from shorts to shoes, with some pieces specially designed for specific activities, such as running or HIIT classes.

Top Gym Clothing Brands: Where Fashion Meets Fitness

Founded a decade ago, Gymshark has utterly transformed modern gym attire and is one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. Its products are sortable by activity so you can find the right top and bottom for your workout, while a range of fits including oversized cater to the bulkier body-building dudes out there.

Then there’s RVCA, an American lifestyle label with a serious focus on performance. Its collections feature a selection of tight-fitting tops, pants and hoodies made using quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool, dry and comfortable during a workout.

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