Email Verification Web Service

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Emails are the primary tool for establishing communication between a business and its customers. They help maintain the client base, launch new campaigns, and generate leads. However, it is important to ensure that the emails are valid and not fake or disposable. Using an email verification web service can help you do that effectively. It works by putting the email addresses through a series of algorithms that gauge their conformity with email addressing standards.

An email verification web service is an application programming interface that helps eliminate mistyped, disposable, and inactive emails from your marketing lists. It also helps you in improving your email deliverability by preventing them from being flagged as spam. Moreover, it helps you avoid getting blacklisted by email providers and enhances your reputation by eliminating spam traps and other fraudulent emails.

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The best email validation services come with features like bulk email verification, dynamic temporary mail detection, and more. They can detect even the most challenging emails from corporate domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft and validate them with high accuracy. They also offer a fast API validation mode that can verify an email in less than 0.5 seconds, which is useful for forms on websites and customer registration.

Some of the most popular email verification services include Kickbox, Benchmark Email, and Clearout. These APIs perform a preliminary scan on a sample list and return results in XML or JSON formats. They check for email syntax, MX record, MX server connection, and more. Some also have a disposable email detector that removes fake or temporary email addresses from your list.

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