CBD Pills

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Cbd pills  (also known as softgels) are the easiest form of CBD to take. They are pre-measured and a familiar method for taking health supplements, a lot like vitamins or minerals. They can be a great option for people who find the taste of hemp-derived CBD oil or tincture unpleasant.

In a study of 276 people with MS, CBD capsules (Sativex) were found to reduce muscle spasticity by 75% when compared to placebo (19). The FDA approved the prescription drug Epidiolex in 2018 for treating seizures associated with two severe forms of epilepsy: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome (20).

Many studies show that CBD can reduce anxiety (21). It may also be useful for managing chronic pain in some people with arthritis. However, more high quality research is needed (22).

CBD Pills: A Convenient and Precise Method for Integrating Cannabidiol into Your Wellness Regimen

CBD has been shown to improve heart health in animal studies (23). It may lower blood pressure and relax the blood vessels, improving circulation (24) – although more research is needed to confirm these effects on humans.

A small study of nine healthy men showed that a single dose of 600 mg of CBD reduced their resting blood pressure and decreased the increase in their blood pressure after stress tests compared to a placebo (25).

If you’re taking medications for depression, anxiety, or another condition, be careful with CBD because it may interfere with some drugs that are taken by mouth, including certain antidepressants and other psychotropics such as benzodiazepines (e.g. valium). It can also interact with a few other prescription medications, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) and certain blood thinners.

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